Baby’s Rights (unborn) vs. Woman’s Rights

 BabyAsRabitsI respect every woman or man’s right to control her or his body. However, women have a sacred responsibility to care for another when pregnant.

I have compassion for teenagers or other women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant. It can be scary thinking about the live-long responsibility of raising a child. But, so long as society values human adult life (and many detest the death penalty), we should value the unborn life equally. 

This is why I support non destructive birth control and adoption services. For women who do not want to raise their child, for their particular reason, adoption is a very viable pathway. There are thousands of families who wait in line to adopt children and who would embrace an adopted child into their families.

Though there are very few instances that an abortion would save a woman’s life (thanks to modern health care), no one should be forced to do something that would end their own life, as a result. I encourage every State in the Union to avail resources to care for mothers who opt to give their unborn child up for adoption.

I will always vote to preserve a baby’s life.

I also do not pass judgement on women who have aborted their unborn child. For many this was a very difficult and worrisome decision and it is my hope that they find peace in their decision.

Roe vs. Wade

I believe that the 1973 Supreme Court Roe vs. Wade ruling should be overturned. If the ruling cannot be overturned, I support legislation to limit abortion a much as feasible. To pursue this goal, I’d rely on studies to determine if the baby could feel pain, show thought processes, and live outside the womb (with medical care or otherwise).

Reggy Sternes

Reggy was a Republican Primary candidate for the State of Idaho House of Representatives (District 25A) in 2016. He believes in limited government, individual liberty and supports the Bill of Rights and more state sovereignty. The National Riffle Association endorsed him over the incumbent - he received an "A" grade. He is pro-life and supports a free-market approach to improve schools and health care. He holds bachelor degrees from the University of Idaho and Idaho State University and a master degree from Oregon State University. Sternes is a 23 year U.S. Navy combat-zone veteran, earned 23 individual and unit medals and ribbons, and obtained the rank of Commander.

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