Sternes Vs. Rep. Bell’s Voting Record (How I’d Vote)


How would I have voted if elected? Let’s look at a few significant legislative votes by Rep. Bell compared to how Mr. Sternes would have voted.

To see how Rep. Bell scored a 59% or F- on the 2016 Idaho Freedom Index. See for yourself:  GRADE (Dist. 25) and SCORE CARD.

Constitutional Cary Gun Rights (2nd Amendment)

The bill amends existing law to revise provisions regarding concealed weapons; and regarding prohibited conduct.
3/18/16 – #S1389

Reggy’s Comment

Rep. Bell sided with most of the Democrats and only two other Republicans to vote against our 2nd Amendment gun rights. 

Bell: thumbs-down | Reggy: thumbs-up

Expanding Obama Care

The bill adds to existing law to create the Health Grant Program for the Medically Undeserved.
3/23/16 – #H0644

Reggy’s Comment

The bill makes Idaho administer and fund another Federal program. It conflicts with the 10th Amendment, State rights and Federalism. This is also a slippery slop to higher Idaho taxes as the Federal government slowly withdrawals funding. See Reggy’s alternative bill – Idaho Care.

Bell: thumbs-up | Reggy: thumbs-down

Tax Reduction 

The bill amends existing law to reduce certain income tax rates; and to increase certain grocery tax credits.
2/3/16 – #H0380

Reggy’s Comment

Rep. Bell was one of three Republicans who voted against this tax bill; she joined with the Democrats in opposition to the bill.

Bell: thumbs-down | Reggy: thumbs-up

Impeach Anti-Constitutional Judges

The bill appeals to Congress to Impeach Certain Members of the Judiciary [Who Disregard Their Oath of Office] 3/20/15 – #HJM 4

Reggy’s Comment

The judiciary continues to make law from the bench, instead of following the Constitution as written and as intended by the founders.

Bell: thumbs-down | Reggy: thumbs-up

English as the Official Language

Making English the official language of Idaho, but not preventing other language from being spoken.
3/19/07 – #S1172

Reggy’s Comment

Really? Rep. Bell voted against this one, too?

Bell: thumbs-down | Reggy: thumbs-up

IHC-Plan-2Idaho Care

Sternes will sponsor a bill to replace Obama Care with Idaho Care, with a free-market approach.

When elected, Reggy will introduce a bill to replace Obama Care and provide health care to all Idahoan. With Idaho Care, you fund it, buy it, own it, manage it, and let it grow. If you participate you’ll have a safety net for life. Ohh, and you can opt out, unlike Obama Care.  Click here to read more about Idaho Care.

Bell: ?? | Reggy: thumbs-up

Reggy Sternes

Reggy was a Republican Primary candidate for the State of Idaho House of Representatives (District 25A) in 2016. He believes in limited government, individual liberty and supports the Bill of Rights and more state sovereignty. The National Riffle Association endorsed him over the incumbent - he received an "A" grade. He is pro-life and supports a free-market approach to improve schools and health care. He holds bachelor degrees from the University of Idaho and Idaho State University and a master degree from Oregon State University. Sternes is a 23 year U.S. Navy combat-zone veteran, earned 23 individual and unit medals and ribbons, and obtained the rank of Commander.

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