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I don’t mean any disrespect towards District 25A’s current Representative, Maxine Bell, but she is out of step with Idaho and so many of her constituents. I reviewed her legislative record and, according to my opinion, there are few tax bills and regulations that she has not voted for. 

She’s voted for more government and more regulations at every turn, to include restricting our gun rights; and it’s time District 25 elected a real conservative with liberty-loving values.

I hope you’ll consider “hiring” me for the position. – Reggy Sternes  

Second Amendment – Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Sternes is a 100 percent supporter of our Second Amendment gun rights. The incumbent Rep. Bell voted against the Constitutional Carry Bill which removed the requirement to carry a concealed weapons permit for most Idahoans. Here’s what I and others had to say on the this important topic:

Who else voted against the Constitutional Carry Bill?  The two other Republicans were Richard Willis of Glenns Ferry and Fred Wood of Burley. These three joined 12 Democrats in voting against our inalienable rights to keep and bear arms.

When Idahos’ Businesses Prosper We Get Good Wages and Jobs

Growth and Expansion – There’s only one way to improve Idaho’s economy and increase wages and hiring: businesses have to want to expand and grow.  We must make Idaho the go-to state for business. Businesses hire employees when they are expanding and need someone to do a task. Nothing more.

Regulations and Taxes – The best “jobs program” is a low regulatory environment with simple, predictable, and reasonable (low) taxes. Idaho is competing with other states – so we have to be the best state for business!

Get Idaho’s (Federal) Lands Back and Get Out of the Poverty Projects –  The Federal government owns two-thirds of Idaho. Remember the Federal housing projects in New York City? Can you say crime, drugs, and poverty? The Federal government is locking up our lands and making Idaho another housing project.

They are restricting our economic growth, our prosperity, and our good paying jobs; and limiting our use of Idaho recreational lands. It’s time we own Idaho, just like every other State in the Union.

Only True Competition Will Make Idaho Schools Number One

We can keep tinkering with the government monopoly on Idaho schools and appease the unions, teachers, and administrators or we can fix the problem once and for all. There is no better method to improve our schools and educational out comes (grades) than through competition and accountability. Make schools compete for students and educational dollars. If we remove a lot of the regulation, including Common Core, and let public schools compete and innovate as independent organizations they’ll kick butt! 

If It Works for High School and College Football – Why is it that school boards will fire the football coach for one or two losing seasons, but they fail to follow that same principle when it comes to administrators and teachers? It’s time schools do the same.

Fix It With Money, But It’s Not What You Think – Money in the form of vouchers or scholarships (like the G.I. Bill) should follow the student, not a building or district. When parents can choose schools, no matter if they’re public, private, or another district, that’s when schools will improve and that’s when our children will become better citizens, too. 

Teach Your Values Not the Left’s – Public schools teach political correctness. The only way for schools to teach your values is through true competition and choice.

Common Core Needs to Go – No one has ever innovated or succeeded by following centralized, bureaucratic rules. Moreover, Common Core, by design, will teach liberal principles and indoctrinate our children to disregard our U.S. founders, the Constitution, free markets, individual opportunity, and religious rights and liberty.

Free-Markets Will Fix Health Care and I’ll Prove It

If we make patients shop for health care and hospitals and doctors compete for that business, care costs be reduced by 50 to 90 percent. But, it will never improve until we stop letting someone else pay the bills. We haven’t had truly free markets and competition in health care since the 1930s. 

There are many “money pooling” ideas that would accomplish this, but costs will not come down until people begin to shop for health care and doctors and hospitals are able to compete for a patient’s business.

How do I know? Watch this video and see the future …if we let free markets work for health care.

If you want to learn more, watch these videos which I gathered together.

Government Makes Things Expensive – Let’s Make Idaho Lean and Mean

We need to get government out of our way. The role of state government is to keep us safe, maintain our roads and public lands, and collect a pool of tax money to educate our children, and help the elderly and the truly needy.

Reggy Sternes

Reggy was a Republican Primary candidate for the State of Idaho House of Representatives (District 25A) in 2016. He believes in limited government, individual liberty and supports the Bill of Rights and more state sovereignty. The National Riffle Association endorsed him over the incumbent - he received an "A" grade. He is pro-life and supports a free-market approach to improve schools and health care. He holds bachelor degrees from the University of Idaho and Idaho State University and a master degree from Oregon State University. Sternes is a 23 year U.S. Navy combat-zone veteran, earned 23 individual and unit medals and ribbons, and obtained the rank of Commander.

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