Voting Record: Is it Constitutional?

usconstitutionMy ambition is to foster a voting record which strengthens the U.S. and Idaho Constitutions, advance individual liberty and State rights, restrains and restricts government expansion, fosters a smaller government, and protects the people of this great country from foreign invasion, non-state violence (terrorism), or lawlessness. I will work to reinstate our tradition of equal protection under the law, no matter how powerful or powerless. I will also vote against government cronyism with business, unions, or other government or non-governmental organizations.

I will vote to return Idaho and America to the limited powers envisioned by Madison, Jefferson, Washington, and our other Founding Fathers (and Founding Mothers). 

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Reggy Sternes

Reggy was a Republican Primary candidate for the State of Idaho House of Representatives (District 25A) in 2016. He believes in limited government, individual liberty and supports the Bill of Rights and more state sovereignty. The National Riffle Association endorsed him over the incumbent - he received an "A" grade. He is pro-life and supports a free-market approach to improve schools and health care. He holds bachelor degrees from the University of Idaho and Idaho State University and a master degree from Oregon State University. Sternes is a 23 year U.S. Navy combat-zone veteran, earned 23 individual and unit medals and ribbons, and obtained the rank of Commander.

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