Why I Ran Against the 28-Year Establishment Candidate?

Reggy Sternes

Reggy Sternes

NOTE:  This page was updated on April 20, 2016 with the most recent Idaho Freedom Index figures.

After watching the Presidential Debates for the last few months, I was curious about my representative’s voting record. What I found was a shock! Nearly all my representatives voted with the liberal wing instead of the conservative side. They’d prefer to vote for more government and less freedom! Here’s what I found.

The U.S. Congress

Senator Mike Crapo did okay with a Conservative Review rating of 76 percent – I hoped for a better rating, but it’s a solid C grade. Then I looked at Representative Simpson and he came at 39 percent rating. Are you kidding me?!

Of course that made me think about Idaho’s legislature. How did my representatives vote?

The Idaho Legislature

When I looked at District 25’s voting record, I found our two representatives and senator scored between 53 and 60 percent on the Freedom Index. They all earned an either D- or F-grades on the principles of liberty, free markets, and small government! You can find the the Freedom Index at IdahoReporter and Idaho Freedom Foundation.


Final – Apr. 20, 2016

Final 2016 Freedom index – District 25

  • Patrick, Jim –  ID Senate:  60% (D-)
  • Kauffman, Clark – ID House of Reps:  59% (F+)
  • Bell, Maxine – ID House of Reps:  53% (F-)

As you can see, our elected officials were more likely to vote with Barack Obama than Ronald Reagan. I was appalled!

So after looking at the weighted averages, I saw that she was the most liberal of the three. Moreover, she has served for 28 years and that’s too long for any legislator. It’s time for a change of guard – and that’s why I am vying for her seat! 

She is the Representative for District 25, seat A. Rep. Bell earned a total score of 4 out of 76, with a weighted index of 52.6. What do the scores mean? Only that 68 percent of the legislature (senate and house) voted for freedom and liberty more than she did (she’s in the bottom 32 percent of the legislature).

By the way, though I may not agree with her positions, I do respect her service to Idaho.

A Return to Liberty, Free Markets, Growth, and Expansion for Idaho

It’s essential that our district elects a Idaho Representative that doesn’t play the same “progressive games.” We need a representative that believes in free markets, less regulations, and the right mix of taxes to perform basic services, such as educating our children, providing for our safety, maintaining our roads, and being proper stewards of our environment. We need to return to our country’s founding principles, that government’s role is to preserve liberty not to rule over us with more laws, more taxes, and less freedom.

What Does Idaho Need?

Do we need a representative that votes with the socialist and the progressive Democrats and other left-leaning Republicans? Do we want a representative that’s willing to trample on Idaho’s and America’s Constitution? 

I hope your answer is “no.” Because, frankly, we need another Ronald Reagan or another George Washington to emerge onto the scene. A leader that believes in the God-given, inalienable rights of every man and woman. A leader that believes in freedom and the ability of Idahoans to stand on their own two feet.

Though I’m no Ronald Reagan or George Washington, I look to them as my examples. I look to Providence and to the original intent of the U.S. Constitution as the truest pathway to a better future for each and every Idahoan. Moreover, I see Idaho as one of the remaining liberty-loving U.S. States; and I want to be a part of making Idaho an example to all the other states.  

Dark Clouds and What’s Behind Them

There seems to be dark clouds forming on the horizon, again. Ones that pit Idaho and America between its founding principles and the renewed sentiment of socialism, which was defined by the tyranny of Soviet Union and China, only twenty six years ago. Let’s not forget that their socialist revolutions and their 70 to 80 year existence led to poverty, unimaginable pollution, an the murder of well over 100 million of their own citizens.

Will District 25A be the light to Idaho or will it continue to vote in line with the forces of more government? If you elect me to the Idaho House of Representatives, you’ll see a Freedom Index voting record in the 90 percent or more range!

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– Reggy

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